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British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Welfare of Animals During Transport Order 2006


The 2006 Order must be read along with Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005


Section 4 of the Welfare of Animals During Transport Order 2006 protects for all animals in transport, including invertebrates. All other sections of this Order refer to the Council Regulation. These Regulations exist to protect farm livestock, but they include general principles which should be borne in mind. Article 1 states “This Regulation shall not apply to the transport of animals which does not take place in connection with an economic activity and to the transport of animals directly to or from veterinary practices or clinics, under the advice of

a veterinarian.” The regulation lays down all the provisions for animals in transport that come under the definition of an economic activity,

e.g as a business or commercial venture, such as hauliers. The only defences are listed as those that are exempted from the regulation

and not an economic activity.


This Order stipulates the construction and use of receptacles in which animals are transported.  The main conditions are that the

receptacle is suitable for the species contained therein.  


      That there is means of inspection.  


      That the animal can stand in its natural position, turn around and lie down.


      That there is suitable ventilation and litter (bedding) and that the animals are fed and watered at suitable intervals according to species.  


      No animal should be transported within sight of a natural predator.


Therefore these conditions apply to healthy wild animals in transit.