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The Proceedings of the Symposium of The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council 2000 (2002)

  Dr Marian Small - Introduction
  Dr Pat Morris - Rehabilitation: Some Perspectives
  Ian Robinson MRCVS - Health Monitoring of Casualties and Potential Threats Posed to Wildlife Populations
  by Released Casualties
  Adam Grogan - Habitat Assessment for Release Schemes
  David Ramsden - Release Methods: the Practicalities With Particular Reference to Owls
  Dr Nigel Reeve - Post-Release Monitoring: the Practicalities
  Mike Toms - Survival Rates of Oiled Guillemots: Looking To The Future
  Andrew Routh MRCVS - Oil Spill Successes: What Hope For Alcids?
  Ray Jackson - Lower Moss Wood Post Release Studies: Foxes 1998/99
  Dr Robert Atkinson - Symposium Summary

Proceedings 2000

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The Proceedings of the Third Symposium of The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (1991)

  Pat Morris, S Munn & S Craig-Wood - Released Hedgehogs - Can They Cope?
  Norma Chapman - Deer: Assessment, Recovery, Release and Follow-Up
  Rosemary Green - Release Techniques for Otters: Theory and Practice
  Sandra Hogben - Preparation and Release of Common and Grey Seal Pups
  Ken Partridge - The Need for Ringing
  Steve Cooke - The Release of Mute Swans From Captivity
  Dennis Fenter - The Practicalities Involved in the Release of Wild Birds After Treatment
  Keith Corbett - Rescue and Relocation of British Reptiles
  Margaret E Cooper & Diane Sinclair - Wildlife Rehabilitation and the Law: an Introduction
  Stephen Harris & Don Jefferies - Working Within the Law: Practical Aspects of Wildlife Rehabilitation
  Brian Coles - A Veterinary Surgeon's Approach to Wildlife Casualties
  Les Stocker - First Aid - the Life Saver
  Joy Howell - Wound Management
  Ranald Munro - Zoonoses and Wildlife
  John E Cooper - Reptiles and Amphibians
  John Baker - Natural Causes of Illness and Death in Wild Grey Seals

Proceedings 1991

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Proceedings of the Inaugural Symposium of The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (1989)

  Wincey Willis - Opening Address
  John E Cooper - Care, Cure or Conservation: Developments and Dilemmas in Wildlife Rehabilitation
  Les Stocker - The Range of Species Treated at a Rehabilitation Unit
  Colin Seddon & Paul Yates - Initial Treatment of Wildlife Casualties
  John Goodman - Rearing Orphaned Young Wild Animals
  James K Kirkwood - Artificially Rearing Wild Mammals: Rationale and Techniques
  Laurance J Larmour - Hand Rearing Seal Pups at the Oban Sea Life Centre
  Sheila T Walsh & Robert E Stebbings - Care and Rehabilitation of Wild Bats
  Ruth L Allen - Care and Hand-Raising of Young Red Deer
  Tim Thomas - A Diet For Hand Rearing Passerines
  Andrew G Greenwood - Assessment of Casualties for Release
  Stephen Harris - The Release of Wild Mammals After Treatment: Rationale, Problems and Techniques
  Philip J K Burton - Release of Wild Birds After Treatment
  Brian H Coles - Symposium Summary
  Les Stocker - The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council - The Future

Proceedings 1989

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